Welcome to the User's Manual for Innocent Michael Network Inc. This guide is designed to help you navigate your account, manage your services, and make the most of our offerings.

Navigating Your Account[1]

  • Logging In: To access your account, visit our website and click on the "Login" button. Enter your email and password to log in.
  • Dashboard Overview: Once logged in, you will be directed to your account dashboard, where you can view a summary of your services, recent invoices, and account settings.

Changing Your Password

There are two ways to change your password:

Using Account Settings

  • Accessing Settings: In your account dashboard, navigate to the "Settings" or "Account Settings" section.
  • Updating Password: Locate the "Change Password" option, enter your current password, and then your new password. Confirm the new password and save the changes.

Using the Forgot Password Feature

  • If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "Forgot Password[2]" link on the login page.
  • Email Verification: Enter the email address associated with your account, and you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
  • Resetting Password: Follow the instructions in the email to set a new password for your account.

For security reasons, it is recommended to use a strong, unique password and to update it regularly. If you encounter any issues while changing your password or need further assistance, please contact our support team.

Managing Email Accounts

  • Creating Email Accounts: To create a new email account, log in to your Client dashboard, select "Services," and then log in to your hosting panel. Navigate to the "Email Accounts[3]" section and click on "Create Email Account." Enter the required details, such as the email address and password, and then click "Create" to set up the new account.
  • Changing Password: To change the password of an existing email account, select the account you wish to update, click on "Change Password," enter your new password, and save the changes.
  • Deleting Email Accounts: If you need to delete an email account, select the account from the list in the "Email Accounts" section and click on the "Delete" option. Confirm the deletion to remove the account permanently.

Managing Invoices

  • Viewing Invoices: In the dashboard, go to the "My Invoices" or "Billing" section to view a list of your invoices.
  • Paying Invoices: Select an invoice to view its details and click on the "Pay Now" button to make a payment using our secure payment gateway.

Managing Domains

  • Domain Overview: In the "Domains[4]" section of your dashboard, you can view a list of your registered domains and their status.
  • Renewing Domains: To renew a domain, select it from the list and click on the "Renew" button. Follow the prompts to complete the renewal process.

Managing Licenses

  • License Overview: In the "Licenses[5]" section of your dashboard, you can view and manage the licenses associated with your services.
  • Activating Licenses: To activate a new license, enter the license key provided by Innocent Michael Network Inc. and follow the prompts to complete the activation process.
  • License Terms: Please refer to our Terms of Use for detailed information on license usage and restrictions.

Referral Program[6]

  • Joining the Program: You can join our referral program through the "Referral" section in your dashboard. Follow the instructions to sign up and receive your unique referral link.
  • Earning Rewards: Share your referral link with friends and colleagues. When someone signs up for our services using your link, you'll earn rewards or credits towards your account.


  • Stay Informed: Visit the "Announcements[7]" section in your dashboard to stay up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and special offers from Innocent Michael Network Inc.
  • Notification Preferences: You can set your preferences to receive announcements via email or directly in your dashboard.


  • Initiating Migration: If you're planning to migrate your services or data to another provider, we recommend initiating the migration process well in advance of your intended cancellation date.
  • Assistance: Our support team is available to provide documentation guidance and answer any questions you may have during the migration process.
  • Completion: Ensure that the migration is fully completed and that all necessary data and services have been successfully transferred to your new provider before proceeding with the cancellation request.

Cancellation Policy

  • Requesting Cancellation: To request the cancellation of your services, please log in to your Client dashboard and navigate to the "Services" section. Select the service you wish to cancel and follow the prompts to submit your cancellation request.
  • Migration Requirement: Please note that it is the client's responsibility to ensure that all data and services have been migrated to a new provider before requesting cancellation. Incomplete migrations may result in data loss, for which Innocent Michael Network Inc. cannot be held responsible.

Network Status

  • Real-Time Updates: Check the "Network Status" page for real-time information on the status of our network and services.
  • Scheduled Maintenance: This section will also provide details about scheduled maintenance events and any expected impact on services.

Managing Services

  • Service List: In the "Services" or "My Services[8]" section, you can view a list of your active services and their details.
  • Modifying Services: To upgrade, downgrade, or make changes to a service, select it from the list and choose the appropriate action. Follow the prompts to complete the modification.

Getting Help

If you need assistance with your account or any of our services, please don't hesitate to contact our support team:

We hope this User's Manual helps you easily manage your account and services with Innocent Michael Network Inc. If you have any feedback or suggestions for improvement, please let us know.